New Seekers

Optional Orientation

All are welcome.

If you are visiting the center for the first time, we welcome you to attend an informal orientation program.  This is a special time to learn about the Siddha Yoga practices, and the different elements of the program. Orientation will be held in the "quiet room," the first door on the left after the shoe rack.  

Orientation is held the first Saturday of each month at 7:00pm before the regularly scheduled Saturday evening satsang begins at 7:30pm.  

To speak with someone about orientation, or ask any other questions, please email us at

Suggested Dress Code

To support the sacred tradition that is honored at the center, please dress modestly at all times. Thank you!

General Dress Guidelines:

Clothes should be clean, ironed, and in good repair.

Jeans, tank tops, T-shirts, sleeveless tops, short tops that expose the stomach, exercise slacks, revealing or sheer clothing, and shorts are not permitted.

No tight clothing.

Skirts should fall below knee.